Forevermark Jewelry in Troy MI

Forevermark diamonds are hand-selected and responsibly sourced diamonds. As a way to celebrate the beauty of each diamond, a unique inscription is placed at its heart. The Diamond Vault of Troy located in Troy MI carries stunning jewelry collections from the Forevermark brand.

Rare and Beautiful

Only one percent of the world’s diamonds meet the criteria to become a Forevermark diamond. Each diamond is handpicked and carefully inspected to pass the rigorous standards in place. Forevermark diamonds are cut and polished by master craftsmen with a proven track record of precision and artistry. Each Forevermark is inscribed with the brand logo and an identifying number. The inscription never compromises diamond quality and isn’t visible to the naked eye. Each Forevermark diamond over half a carat will receive a comprehensive Forevermark Grading Report. Choosing a Forevermark diamond is also good for the planet. Responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds help sustain the local economy in mining regions and protect natural habitats surrounding diamond mines.

Forevermark Tribute Collection

The Diamond Vault of Troy is proud to offer breathtakingly beautiful diamond engagement rings, earrings, and bracelets from the Forevermark Tribute Collection in Troy MI. Each piece has unique and eye-catching diamonds. Forevermark Tribute Collection rings make the perfect holiday or anniversary gift since they are stackable. Layer the rings to represent your own personal style. The stackable design also makes the rings perfect to create custom bridal sets. Customize your Forevermark jewelry piece by choosing your preferred precious metal and total carat weight.

Searching for jewelry stores in the Troy MI area? The Diamond Vault of Troy is your one-stop shop for luxury jewelry items. Our professional staff can assist in finding you the perfect jewelry piece for the special person in your life.

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