A timeless symbol of class and elegance, diamond necklaces have captivated the world of fashion for decades. Movie stars, lounge singers, socialites, and even royalty have dazzled audiences with glittering stones and extravagant jewelry. At the Diamond Vault of Troy, we're proud to offer some of the most luxurious pieces on the market. The Forevermark line is a brand like no other, offering responsibly sourced, hand selected jewelry that meets only the highest quality standards.

A Brilliant Diamond Like No Other

Unlike other necklaces, which might contain stones of varying quality, Forevermark necklaces glitter with the rare beauty that comes from careful craftsmanship. In fact, fewer than 1% of diamonds match up to their strict quality standards. Each stone in your necklace is carefully examined for pure color, stunning clarity, a precise cut, and the simple beauty that can only be found in the world's rarest diamonds. If a stone passes the test, it's inscribed with a microscopic Forevermark logo and identification number. These inscriptions show that Forevermark stands by their work and establishes each necklace as a piece of unparalleled quality.

forevermark necklaces in troy mi

A Responsible, Sustainable Source of Jewelry

Forevermark is well aware of the negative effects that the jewelry industry can have on local communities. To help counteract this, they ensure that their mines meet up to the strictest health and safety standards, and leave a minimal trace on the environment. Each mine also provides jobs and income to the local communities. Forevermark is more than just another jewelry company they're a vital part of the communities that help them grow and thrive.

A Wealth of Dazzling Options

Whether you're looking for large glittering stones or small shimmering diamonds, eye catching pendants or subtle necklaces, we're proud to offer a variety of choices that complement any wardrobe. Our Forevermark necklaces are made to last, making each piece a gift that you'll cherish for generations. And with expert service, trained professionals, and an extensive background of knowledge, we've got the tools you need to make the right selection for your lifestyle. Visit our jewelry store in Troy MI and see how we can serve you. At the Diamond Vault of Troy, it's our mission to ensure that you leave our store feeling a little richer than you did when you arrived.

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