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It’s almost that time of year again! The holidays are coming up quickly, and you are off to find that perfect gift for your loved one. Maybe you are even planning to pop the big question around the holidays! Come to Diamond Vault of Troy to help you make one of the biggest decisions you’ll experience in your lifetime. We will make sure your experience is like no other.

Engagement Rings at Diamond Vault

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring to give your significant other? We are here to help! If you already know your loved one’s style, let us know so we can guide you to the best selection in the area. We can also help you pick out a style if you are unsure. There are many styles to choose from. If you think your loved one would like something simple, choose a plain band with a single diamond or gemstone set in the middle. For someone who enjoys a step away from the traditional, consider a geometric band with a square setting. No matter what, you’ll find the best selection of engagement rings when you shop at Diamond Vault!

Wedding Bands at Diamond Vault

If the big day is approaching and you’re ready to cement your commitment, then you’ll want to shop at a local jewelers for the best wedding band. If you already have the engagement ring, you might want to consider purchasing a stackable ring. This type of band will fit together with the engagement ring to form basically one ring. The next step will be to decide on the type of band you want. Gold and silver are the two most popular choices, but some people prefer a more unusual look, such as a metal band.

Diamond Vault of Troy

Holiday Gifts at Diamond Vault

Our store isn’t restricted to just engagement and wedding rings. We offer a wide selection of jewelry, from necklaces to earrings to bracelets to watches. Our location also offers jewelry for both men and women, so head to our store in Troy to see what we have in stock today!

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