Diamond Buying

diamond buying in troy mi

Know what your diamond is worth before you sell.

Do you have a diamond to sell?

Every diamond has value. Don’t be misled. Most stores only want your gold because it is easy to convert to cash. Frequently, the diamonds are worth far more than the gold and yet most people let the diamonds go for free or next to nothing. If you have loose diamonds from your item, bring them to us and we will evaluate them for you for free. We will either buy them outright or we can sell them for you on consignment. There will be no hidden fees or added charges. Most importantly, the stone will remain your property until the time of sale and your item is fully insured while in our possession.

Is consignment right for you?

The first question everyone has about consignment for their center stone diamond is: How do I know my stone won’t be switched on me? That is a great question due to unscrupulous jewelers. At Diamond Vault of Troy we are the only company in the state of Michigan to have Gemprint technology. Before you leave your diamond with us, we will shoot a soft laser into the diamond and capture the reflective fingerprint of your diamond. The reflective pattern is unique to your stone, just like fingerprints, no two are alike. Therefore, if you decide you want your diamond back, you will know your diamond is yours, and there was no swapping. At the time of consignment, you will know exactly how much you will receive at the time of sale. You can also decide to have us buy your diamond outright at any time, you’ll receive a check through the mail, no need to come in!
For more information on 21st Century Gemprint technology click the link below.

Do you want to repurpose your diamond?

Whatever the reason is why you have a diamond to repurpose, the Diamond Vault of Troy will create a custom design for FREE! Our signature custom design service upgrades the average to the spectacular at no charge. You will sit with us as we discuss your ideas. Within a very short period of time you will be viewing the custom wax duplicate of your design from our 3D wax printer or hand wax carver. After you have approved the wax, we will cast and set your item. You can be a part of the process every step of the way.

Our goal is to create a piece that you will love for the rest of your life.

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