Know what your diamond is worth before you sell.

In our store we evaluate every diamond to establish its value – no matter what size or quality! Unfortunately, most stores only want to purchase your precious metals because it is easy to convert to cash. If you have loose diamonds or jewelry set with diamonds and want to find out about their values call our store and set up a time to have them evaluated free of charge! Our one-on-one appointment process gives us a chance to sit down and go over all the details that explain the value of your diamonds.

What is consignment and is it right for you?

Being upfront and honest with each customer is always our number priority when it comes to helping them understand their diamond’s current market value and that it may possibly be worth more in time. Customers normally ask, “How is it possible that you could offer me more for the diamond’s consignment price, but you could only buy it outright for a lower price right now?”. Just like every consumer market, different styles and designs go in and out of trend. Diamonds and their style of cutting and even sometimes their quality grades can change the value depending on what is in demand or popular. Putting your diamond on consignment gives you the option to always take the original offered buy price at any point in time before your diamond was to possibly sell on consignment. This leads most customers to the biggest question of all.

How do I know I am getting my diamond back if I change my mind about selling it?

This question is absolutely necessary and important for us as jewelers to answer to make you feel comfortable in leaving your diamond in our care! Gemprint technology makes it possible for us to verify a diamond even without you having a previously plotted grading report or laser inscription number on the diamond’s girdle. When a diamond is being processed to be put on consignment, we complete a Gemprint on the diamond in front of you and then give you the information that allows us to verify it when you pick up. The optical fingerprint of the diamond’s structure is something we cannot alter and is a wonderful way for us to give you peace of mind!

Want to learn more about Gemprint and the additional benefits of it?

What can be done with my diamond if I don’t want to sell it?

No matter if you have one diamond or multiple, we can help you discover your options to repurpose them into a new and special piece! This is a great way to enjoy them and sometimes the best way to get the most out of the value of your diamonds or colored gemstones. If you are curious about how to get started in creating something by incorporating your stones please, call our store and our staff will help you set up an appointment time for you to talk with one of our designers!