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4Cs of Diamond Quality:
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4Cs of Diamond Quality: Diamond Carat Weight Grading by GIA

Since 1931, GIA has educated gemologists from across the world, maintaining a number of highly in-demand credentials and programs for budding specialists. For retailers, an education through GIA can give some incredible insights into gems, gem quality, and the markets, while providing more value to retail customers.

The Advantages of Working with a GIA-Certified Retailer

GIA-certified retailers are specialists who have gone through a rigorous program to learn more about their chosen field. As a nationally accredited nonprofit, GIA is able to provide unbiased certification regarding the knowledge and skills of these experts. Gems, diamonds, colored stones, pearls, and other jewelry-related materials can be complex to both work with and value. GIA certification indicates a certain amount of knowledge and education on the part of a retailer.

The Programs of GIA

GIA maintains a number of programs, including the Graduate Gemologist Program, Graduate Diamonds Program, Graduate Colored Stones Program, and Graduate Pearls Program. In addition to this, GIA also provides jewelry design and jeweler programs, for those who would like to repair and create jewelry.

These programs provide significant value to jewelers, as jewelers can boast that they have certified gemologists, diamond specialists, pearl specialists, jewelry designers, or jewelers. Both convenient eLearning classes and hands-on, on-campus classes are available, and multiple programs through GIA are nationally accredited.

Education for Customers and Hobbyists

As a non-profit organization, GIA also maintains a great deal of information for customers and hobbyists, such as information regarding the quality of gems and diamonds. Customers are encouraged to educate themselves regarding the quality scales and valuation of investments such as diamonds and colored stones, in order to better appreciate the jewelry that they acquire.

A GIA Education and certification means that a retailer has been able to obtain specialized, expert knowledge regarding a specific realm, whether it's in diamonds, gemology, or jewelry design.

Both retailers and customers can learn more about gems through the non-profit organization GIA, and looking for a GIA-accredited jeweler or gemologist is an excellent first step towards finding out more about jewelry or finding high quality jewelry and gems.

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