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Lashbrook Wedding Bands in Troy MI

In the weeks and months leading up to their wedding day, couples visit jewelry stores in the Troy MI area searching for wedding bands reflecting their own unique style. Lashbrook, available at the Diamond Vault of Troy, has designs intended to change the way people perceive bridal jewelry. Lashbrook offers handmade custom bands with award-winning styles you won’t see anywhere else.

Choose Your Wedding Bands from Lashbrook Colllection

Lashbrook has an exceptional reputation for crafting eye-catching wedding bands from non-traditional materials. Lashbrook was one of the first innovators in the field of antler ring designs and continues to stun jewelry shoppers with wedding bands made from zirconium, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, meteorite, and hardwood. Inspired by nature, Lashbrook uses the earth’s natural resources to create rings to celebrate the union of marriage. Lashbrook rings appeal to men with active lifestyles. The materials selected for the designs are extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and ultra-lightweight.

Lashbrook wedding rings are worn to make a strong statement. Each custom design has creative detailing and can include gemstones to add texture and sophistication to the ring. Each Lashbrook ring is made from natural materials and crafted with precision through the use of state-of-the-art laser machinery.

Each Lashbrook ring is polished and finished by hand with custom touches added by skilled artisans. All materials are ethically sourced; allowing you to own a ring that not only tells your story, but also makes you feel good about your commitment to the environment.

Lashbrook at the Diamond Vault of Troy

The Diamond Vault of Troy has a large selection of the custom handmade designs from Lashbrook. The bestsellers from the collection include elements such as laser-carved patterns, gold inlays, and black diamond channel sets. Visit our Troy MI jewelry store today to see our stunning bridal jewelry collections.

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