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Purchasing fine jewelry means expecting those pieces to last for a very long time. However, that doesn't always happen without some help. You can be as careful as possible yet still manage to break delicate jewelry. Luckily, the experts who work here at Diamond Vault of Troy are committed to helping you any time you have a broken piece of jewelry that is in need of repair.








Trust the Best Repair Shop in Troy

Our friendly staff knows how important your fine jewelry is to you. No one wants to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry only to have it break, bend, or twist. We have a team of experts on hand to assess the jewelry repair job we will need to do and how much it will likely cost. We'll also give you as close to an estimate as possible so you know what to expect. We also do all of our repairs right on-site so that your jewelry doesn't exchange multiple hands and shops.

Jewelry Repair in Troy

Our shop offer jewelry repair near me for every piece possible. We repair wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and any other piece of jewelry that needs taken care of. We can fix an accent stone that has come out of the mounting and restring pearls that have come undone. We offer clasp and chain repair for necklaces, replacement earring backs, and rhodium replating. We also provide one free re-sizing visit for customers who buy rings from us.

We offer a watch repair plan that will protect your watch from a variety of problems, such as dents, breaks, kinks, knots, scratches, gouges, and more. If the band is becoming too thin to safely wear, our team can fix it right up for you-right here in the shop.

Available for All of Your Repair Needs

Let the experts take care of your fine jewelry today. From buying fine jewelry to repairing it, our team is here for you every step of the way. Call today at 1-248-244-0600, or visit us at 801 West Big Beaver Road, in Suite 103.


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Jewelry repairs are an important part of the services offered by Diamond Vault of Troy. Restoring jewelry to its former glory is a goal at our jewelry stores throughout the Troy MI area. Our master jewelers are experienced in handling both simple and complex repair jobs. The Diamond Vault of Troy will work tirelessly to get your most precious jewelry pieces ready to wear once again.

Premium Jewelry Repairs in Troy MI

Although we hope all jewelry will last forever, pieces are prone to damage. Chains break, diamonds loosen from prongs, and decorative accents fall off. The good news is any of these issues can be remedied. Jewelry repairs in Troy MI done by Diamond Vault of Troy include chain and clasp repair, setting replacements, ring tightening, and pearl restringing. Our Troy MI jewelry store can also assist with ring resizing.

Get Your Jewelry Inspected To Avoid Potential Issues

Don’t wait until your jewelry breaks to contact us. We can inspect all of your fine jewelry to check for any potential issues like loosened gemstones. Our team can also keep your fine jewelry looking like new. With professional polishing and cleaning, your jewelry will sparkle once again.

At Diamond Vault of Troy, we understand how much your jewelry means to you, which is why we offer professional jewelry repair services to keep your pieces looking and functioning their best. Our skilled craftsmen have the expertise to repair a range of jewelry pieces, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. We can fix broken chains, replace missing stones, resize rings, and more. Our jewelry repair services are completed in-house, ensuring that your precious items are safe and secure throughout the process. Visit us at Diamond Vault of Troy for quality and efficient jewelry repair services that will have your favorite pieces looking like new.

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Professional Repairs in Troy MI

Diamond Vault of Troy is one of the premier providers of jewelry repair services in Troy MI. Visit our Troy MI jewelry store to speak to a friendly associate and request a quote on all your fine jewelry repairs.