Diamond Vault Of Troy
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Take a peek into your jewelry box and you’re likely to find a piece or two that you no longer want or need. Jewelry that is old, worn, broken, or out-of-style can be difficult to sell. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with it. If you’re looking to unload your unwanted jewelry, you can sell your gold to the Diamond Vault of Troy in Troy MI.

Not all jewelry is considered to be scrap and needs to be sold for melt value alone. At the Diamond Vault of Troy, we buy gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for significantly more money that most would receive for “melt” value. If you wish to sell your gold, our team of qualified jewelers will evaluate each piece and pay more for jewelry considered estate quality, vintage, or for pieces that have collector value. Our gold buying services are reliable and convenient.

At Diamond Vault of Troy, we also offer gold buying services for those looking to sell their unwanted gold. Our professional team will evaluate your gold and provide you with a fair and competitive offer based on current market values. We accept a variety of gold items, including broken jewelry, coins, and bullion. Our process is fast, secure, and confidential, ensuring a hassle-free transaction. If you're looking to sell your gold items, visit us at Diamond Vault of Troy for a transparent and straightforward buying experience. Trust us to offer you the best value for your gold items in Troy, Michigan. Sell your gold in Troy Michigan Today!