Custom Jewelry Process

Our custom is your creation!

In today’s world the concept of customization is something desired by most consumers, but it is not always easy figuring out where to start and how to put together different design elements. When it comes to customizing jewelry, Diamond Vault of Troys’ designers are ready to help guide you in creating the perfect piece. No matter if this is a piece that is just starting its journey - be it an engagement ring, wedding band, a gift for someone special in your life or a piece incorporating sentimental stones and family precious metals, we start each process the same way. We begin by listening to your vision, supplying a hand drawn sketch, and then starting the creation process. Every detail matters and each custom piece tells a story. Every piece of jewelry is designed, crafted, and finished in store!

What does the process entail?

First, sitting down or consulting over the phone with a staff member to discuss the elements you are looking to incorporate into the design. Once we have established all the major and minute details, our designers will supply hand sketches in multiple views to give a true visual of the design before moving forward to the CAD process.

Second, different design styles or jewelry pieces can require different methods of creation. Something sleek and modern is typically best produced in a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) program which allows us to create truly symmetrical, perfect pieces. For example, a customer requesting a matching wedding band is simple because we have the original engagement ring file to ensure a perfect match. In other scenarios, designs that are mimicking vintage jewelry styles of the past are also best created by CAD. The immense amount of detail, engraving styles, and piercing work can now be achieved by our skilled CAD designer who can bring the intricate design to life. Our designers will guide and educate you to ensure you make the best decision to achieve the desired finish piece.

Third, we invite each customer to be a part of the process and to see their design come to life in person! Showing a sketch, the CAD renderings of the design in an e-mail and printing the 3-D wax design to be reviewed in store. Once the design has been approved by you and only you, our staff gets to work moving through the required steps of casting, picking matching quality stones, setting, and finishing your truly one-of-a-kind item.


Interested in having a one-of-a-kind custom piece conceptualized by one of our in-store designers, but not you’re not sure you can go through the design process yourself? Don’t worry our designers are great at asking the right questions that will help you select your design elements. We welcome you to check out our unique selection of custom designs all crafted in store that are waiting to find the perfect person to start their journey with.

Call to schedule your appointment today so the Diamond Vault of Troy designers can make your dream come true!