Coin Buying


Free Coin Consultations to Help Determine the True Value of Your Old Coins

We buy silver and gold coins from the USA in addition to Canadian silver coins because they have great value. Additionally, we buy proof, commemorative, and professionally graded coins/currency. We evaluate all 1964 and prior years of US silver coins as well as pre 1968 Canadian coins. We look at each and every coin to seek out those with higher numismatic values, this allows us to pay so much more. If you have historic USA and Canadian gold coinage we will establish a value for each of your coins.
A great majority of people who have inherited coins have little or no understanding of the value of their collection. If you have been told that all the coins are the same, pack up and move on. The only thing that makes them the same is, “they are coins”. Variations in condition, rarity, and mintage are just the beginning of our evaluation. It’s easy; just call and make your private appointment where every coin will be examined in front of you.
We were featured on Channel 4 Defenders Report here in Detroit for exposing how little is paid by other companies. Our customers tell us how much they love our straightforward way of doing business, and that we pay so much more than their next highest offer.
Written appraisals are done by private appointments only. Appraisals are made by lot size, category, denomination, type, and condition which maximizes the total value of your collection. If you need to insure your collection, you will need a detailed written appraisal based on daily commodity and market conditions. These written appraisals are available on a fee basis.