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While there are always ample places for people to buy fine jewelry finding the store that offers the best in exceptional jewelry design, quality, and customer service makes your investment an experience worthy of both your time and money. We have jewelry from all the top designers, including KC Designs, Frederic Sage, Beverly K, Charles Garnier, and more. When you want to get the best in designer jewelry, many turn to KC Designs.

Custom Designed Engagement Rings

When buying jewelry for an engagement or wedding, most people today are looking for the ability to personalize their special rings. That is why the use of a jeweler that can customize the design can be of great value emotionally and as a financial investment. At Diamond Vault by Troy, we can custom design and craft any fine jewelry piece, including engagement rings.

There can be no better way to celebrate your engagement to the person of your dreams than helping a designer dream up the best engagement ring design for your bride. Our in store designers understand that each piece of finely crafted jewelry is meant to have both emotional and financial value to last for generations, and our reputation for quality and exquisite detail is second to none in the region. We offer diamonds in round, cushion, oval, princess, emerald, and marquise designs.

Custom Designed Wedding Bands

When it comes to wedding bands, this is another area that many couples try to be creative. While it is customary for the basic designs to match, couples can be very creative in what they want to do to make the rings have a personal flair. With a choice of rose, yellow, white, or two tone gold rings, couples will find that enhancing and designing their wedding bands can be a wonderfully creative and beautiful shared experience.

At the Diamond Vault of Troy, we offer exceptional value, high quality jewelry. From exquisite private label designs with intricate details to finding the best engagement or wedding bands offered by world renown designers such as KC Designs, we have it all. When it comes to finding a jeweler with personal service, we treat all our customers like family. We know how important your decision to trust us is, and we never take that for granted. If you are looking for the very best in custom designed or world renown exquisite bridal jewelry at Diamond Vault of Troy, we pledge to offer you nothing short of the very best in fine jewelry design, quality and customer service.