Diamond Vault of Troy is a respected choice for diamond jewelry shoppers that has more positive online reviews than any other jewelry store in Michigan. That means we're a trustworthy company for your holiday diamond shopping. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or another special piece this season, turn to us confidently.

Understand How Diamonds Are Graded

Let us help you get acquainted with how diamonds are graded so you can be the smartest shopper possible. Whether diamonds are being sold loose or in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or other pieces of fine jewelry, they're graded by cut, clarity, carat and color. Cut refers to the angles and proportions of the stone. Clarity refers to how many flaws there are in a diamond while carat measures its weight. The color of a diamond can be anything from colorless to a light yellowish tone. The best diamonds are those that are cut well, free of flaws and clear. Larger diamonds are most likely to stun and impress. We can help you select a diamond that fits the purpose and your budget.

Metal Pieces of Jewelry for the Holidays

When choosing a piece to give this holiday season, the metal of the mounting can mean just as much as the quality of the diamond. We offer beautiful diamonds and other stones mounted in silver, white and yellow gold and even stunning platinum. Certain metals are more flattering with certain personal features. That's why we may ask in-person shoppers about the skin tone, hair color and other characteristics of the intended recipient to help you make a choice that will be well-received.

At Diamond Vault of Troy, we want to make holiday shopping for diamond jewelry in Troy MI as pleasant as possible. That's why we employ experts with experience in helping shoppers of all types make informed and intelligent decisions. We look forward to assisting you with your important holiday diamond shopping this year and for many years to come.

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