When you buy an engagement ring, you anticipate it to stay beautiful and sparkly for years without any wear and tear. But jewelry loses its sheen over time and may require regular polishing and repairs. The Diamond Vault of Troy is ideal for upgrading your engagement ring near Troy. We are a full-service jewelry store located in Troy, Michigan, offering several services, including ring resizing, stone setting, jewelry maintenance and prong repair.

Our expert jewelers specialize in restoring and upgrading damaged engagement rings or showing signs of wear and tear. Our ring resizing service lets you update your size when you gain or lose weight. When you gain weight, the ring may become tight and uncomfortable; if you lose weight, it may become loose and keep falling off. Resizing of rings can be done up or down by either adding or removing metal from the ring. The trick is to make it look seamless and invisible, which our expert jewelers can do. Our stone setting involves replacing broken stones and resetting loose stones into their original settings. We ensure that your diamond or gemstone is set securely, doesn’t come off easily, and looks as good as new.

Prong repair is a critical service for an engagement ring. Prongs are responsible for keeping the diamond and providing the ring structure. Over time, prongs can become worn out and loose, resulting in your diamond or gemstone falling off. We carefully inspect each prong and repair them if needed. Our jewelers will strengthen the existing prongs by adding metal or redoing the setting. This process gives your ring a secure hold for the diamond and enhances its beauty. Besides these repairs, we do general jewelry maintenance, cleaning and polishing to restore the sparkle of your ring.

We are the best place to visit if you want to upgrade your engagement ring. Our extensive knowledge and experience in jewelry repair can help you get your ring back to its original state. We use the highest quality materials and employ the latest technology to ensure that your rings are restored or upgraded and look beautiful and sparkly. We aim to bring back the beauty and shine of your favorite piece of jewelry. Contact us today and give your engagement ring the love it deserves.
Timothy Mayer