Skill and time are required to produce a well polished diamond. GCAL gemologists examine every facet to ensure it is free of polish marks, burns and scratches.


Master cutters identically shape each facet around the diamond and ensure they are perfectly aligned. Only diamonds with precision faceting achieve a GCAL Excellent.


Optical scanning technology measures each facet and angle to produce an accurate, to-scale diagram of every diamond.


Optical scanning technology measures each facet and angle to produce an accurate, to-scale diagram of every diamond.


is visualized in this photograph of your lab grown diamond taken in a specific colored lighting environment. The evenness of the pattern illustrates the precision and uniformity of facet shapes and alignment.


results when white light travels through a diamond and is dispersed into its rainbow of spectral colors. These flashes of color contribute to sparkle and are best viewed as the diamond moves.

 8X and Diamond Vault of Troy

Diamond Vault of Troy is proud to carry the 8x natural diamond. We have always prided ourselves on educating our customers. At no time in history has anyone made the standards of cutting so tight. Each of the 8 areas of the cutting process must be evaluated separately. We say 8x diamonds are five “X’s” better than all the rest.

If we think of professional race car drivers, cyclists, athletes aren’t they all trying to have the best performance? Why should we not do the same with a diamond?   8x does just that! All the light you see coming from a diamond entered the top of the diamond first. The caricature and quantity of light is determined by cutting. Most people have seen a diamond they will never forget. Some because they are bad and others that are just so beautiful that they are unforgettable. 8x is that diamond.

When you have consistency in cutting it is easier to understand the other areas of quality.


GCAL Vrs GIA 3X proportions

Tighter Standards Equals Excellent Performance

Diamonds within the strict and narrow tolerances outlined below achieve an Excellent Proportion grade. You might not understand what all this means until you see an 8x diamond. When you see the 8x diamond next to a GIA triple X you will be blown away. We will explain everything in detail.


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