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The brilliant sparkle of a radiant diamond helps create enduring memories. Yet have you ever wondered how much one of these alluring gemstones will command in the marketplace? Visit Diamond Vault of Troy in Troy MI to secure a completely free, knowledgeable evaluation.

The Enduring Beauty of Diamonds

As the hardest natural gemstone, a diamond ranks as a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This lovely stone consists of carbon atoms compressed over the course of eons of time. When cut and faceted, diamonds reflect light in remarkable ways. Enjoy the excitement of owning a rare, precious diamond. These lovely jewels command the interest of people around the world.

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Respected Local Diamond Selling Service

The Diamond Vault of Troy serves as a premiere destination for customers seeking diamond rings and other pieces of exquisite diamond jewelry. We possess extensive experience conducting diamond appraisals, in fact. Our experts can furnish you with first hand information about custom jewelry manufacturing and diamond selling.

Obtain Accurate Information

Why should you consider requesting a free diamond evaluation? Even if they don't plan on selling a diamond, owners benefit by obtaining an opinion from a qualified jeweler about the worth of specific items of jewelry. In some cases, diamonds have appreciated significantly in value over the course of time. Owners may benefit by obtaining insurance for valuable or unique pieces. Gaining an accurate impression about a diamond's value helps customers shop more intelligently for jewelry insurance.

A Respected Local Jeweler

The Diamond Vault of Troy has developed an excellent reputation as a respected, capable diamond jewelry store in Troy MI. We offer many unique diamonds and diamond jewelry pieces for sale. As one aspect of rendering superb customer service, we offer free diamond evaluation services. Customers may also purchase a formal written jewelry appraisal should they require this document for insurance purchasing purposes (or some other reason). Contact us soon to request our assistance. We look forward to serving you!

diamond evaluation in troy mi

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