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Our Gem Print® Services

The use of state-of-the-art Gem Print® technology enables owners and diamond sellers to identify individual diamonds with precision. This non-invasive technology essentially maps a diamond's structure, enabling the recording of a unique optical image. Like DNA or a fingerprint, it permits reliable recognition. Diamond Vault of Troy offers this important gemstone identification service to diamond owners.

Selling Fine Diamonds on Consignment

Today, the advent of Gem Print® technology infuses new life into the process of buying and selling diamonds on a consignment basis. Owners appreciate the security of knowing they won't lose control of rare or extremely valuable gems during the consignment process. Additionally, many buyers desire the assurance they have not selected a stone obtained through exploitative mining practices. The use of high quality gemstone identification technology helps alleviate all these concerns. Diamond consignment has gained wider popularity during recent years as a result of this change.

The Importance of Using Reputable Diamond Brokers

Of course, despite recent advances in gemstone identification, it still remains important to entrust diamond selling to reputable, knowledgeable brokers. The integrity of a jeweler proves vitally important in this multi-million dollar marketplace. Safeguarding a diamond consignment remains an essential responsibility of an experienced broker. It also proves important to supply accurate accounts of marketing efforts to diamond owners.

Trust Diamond Vault of Troy

Indeed, diamond selling with the assistance of a reputable diamond broker like Diamond Vault of Troy appeals to many savvy investors. In addition to expert appraisal and diamond identification services, our jewelry store frequently accepts diamonds from customers to sell on consignment. In many cases, this form of sale offers important advantages for our clients. Some diamond owners prefer to remain anonymous during the marketing process.

Obtaining Optimal Consignment Prices

Our jewelry store in Troy strives to assist our clients in obtaining top dollar for diamonds they consign to us for sale. We use our extensive network of contacts within the jewelry industry to assist our promotional efforts. Rely on us as your preferred diamond brokers.

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