Declutter your jewelry box in three easy steps with Diamond Vault of Troy. Does your jewelry box overflow with tangled chains, outdated pieces, and unflattering earrings? Here's how to declutter all of that. Once you're done, you'll be able to sell your old jewelry and invest in something new. Here's how in three easy steps.

Step One: Lay Everything Out

This step is fairly straightforward. Empty out that jewelry box and track down any other pieces that you have lying around the house. Lay them out a table and take a good look.

Step Two: The Sorting Process

For each piece, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you actually like the piece? For instance, is it really your style? You may have some gifts from well-meaning people who didn't quite get your personal look.

Have you worn the piece in the last year? If not, why? Maybe it's an old favorite that you lost track of because of all the clutter or it's a fancy piece that you're saving for a special occasion. Otherwise, this is jewelry that you could easily say goodbye to.

Does the piece have sentimental value? This could include family heirlooms, keepsakes from a loved one, or something you picked up on a memorable trip.

Do you have any pieces that are too-similar? If you have five pairs of diamond earrings, maybe you can let a few pairs go.

Step Three: Turning Gold Into Cash

Chances are, your streamlined jewelry box means that you have a small pile of pieces to get rid of. If you're looking to sell gold near Royal Oaks MI or other kinds of jewelry, come by Diamond Vault of Troy near Royal Oaks MI. We buy gold, silver, diamonds, and other pieces. Drop by our jewelry store today and our friendly associates can guide you through the process.

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