Gold Buying in Bloomfield Hills MI

If you have gold to sell than we want to buy it now. Diamond Vault of Troy is a quality jewelry store that is near Bloomfield TWP MI. Gold buying can transform your assets into cash. This will enable you to purchase the things that you really value. If you have been stocking up lots of gold for the next great crisis, let us convince you. Gold is not currently a legal tender in the United States. It is better to have some of your gold turned into cash so that you can readily buy things.

Driving Time: Driving Time to Troy MI is only 16 Minutes.

Gold Prices Near Bloomfield MI

Gold is currently trending at high prices. According to Monex, the price of gold was at $1657 per ounce (dated beginning of April 2020) when we wrote this advertisement. Imagine getting a nice stack of hundred dollar bills for that meager speck of gold. Think about what that could do to help your emergency fund, new car purchase, or dream vacation. You can also turn some of the cash that you get from selling your gold into jewelry. We offer a fine selection of rings and necklaces. Feel free to stop by and check out some of what we have to offer. 

Selling Gold at Diamond Vault of Troy

Diamond Vault of Troy is in business to help its customers. We sell quality products at a fair price. If you are looking to make a good impression, or just please a special someone, our quality diamond jewelry is just the place to consider. If you have questions about our services or products, a good place to start is by perusing our website. Another thing that you can do is just give us a call. Our friendly and professional sales team will be able to get you a free quote for your gold over the phone. Just call us at 1 (248) 244-0600. We look forward to hearing from you.


Gold Buying Near Me

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