At Diamond Vault of Troy, we offer you a wide range of services catering to your jewelry needs

Certified Diamonds

Not all grading reports are the same. The world’s highest certification standards are by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS, GCal. GIA set up the grading standards that we use today. Adhering to the standard is the only way to make sure you are getting what you paid for. All other certifications are considered less than or “Discounted Certs”. Companies like EGL, IGI, and HRD overstate the grade. There is one truth; if you send a stone that has been graded by another grading company, to the GIA it will not come back the same grade. At best it will come back one grade lower in color and one grade lower in clarity. If the same stone was sent to each of the three EGL companies (USA, International, Other) it would come back with three different quality grades. If the grade of the stone is wrong then the price cannot be validated. “Quality determines price, price does not determine quality.

Custom Engagement Rings

The Diamond Vault of Troy has a thousand choices to choose from. If you have something different in mind we will custom design it for free. You can have the engagement ring of your dreams duplicated from any picture. We will make the ring to fit the diamond that you have chosen. We can alter diamond size, change the size of gaps, change alignment with wedding rings, or anything else you desire for your perfect ring. You will be able to view the wax ring to insure it meets with your approval before final casting in gold or platinum. Our biggest attribute is “WE LISTEN” to everything you say. There is no need to settle for off the shelf when you can have a custom design all for free. Also, there is no need to “buy off the rack” when you can have the side diamonds match your center stone. We want you to be our customer for LIFE!

Custom Jewelry Design

Why have average when you can have custom for no extra charge. If you have an old ring or pendant that you would like reset, then let us custom design the item for you. You will sit with us as we discuss your ideas and sketch the design. Within a very short period of time you will be viewing the custom wax duplicate of your design. After you have approved the wax, we will cast and set your item. You can be a part of the process every step of the way. Our goal is to create a piece that you will love for the rest of your life.

Free Jewelry Cleaning

You can stop in any time to have your jewelry cleaned for free, right in front of you. If you buy a diamond from us, we will even give you jewelry cleaner for home use. We want your diamond to always look its’ best. If you are new to the area and are looking for a personal jeweler, we trust you will come see us. We will professionally clean and inspect your jewelry, because your brilliantly cleaned jewelry is a personalized advertisement that makes us look good too!

Free Inspections

Many insurance companies recommend that your jewelry should be inspected once per year. Our staff is thoroughly trained to inspect for loose stones, chipped stones, missing stones, and worn prongs that need to be fixed to prevent loss. It would be a shame to lose a stone that means so much, just because you did not take 5 minutes to make sure everything was secure.

Free Jewelry Design

If you’re not creative, don’t worry. If you have a picture, web address, or just an idea of what you want, we can custom carve a wax model to complete your dream item. We do all this designing at no additional charge. We are great listeners…satisfied customers are important to us.

We Buy Diamonds

Every diamond has value. Don’t be misled. Most stores only want your gold because it is easy to convert to cash. Frequently, the diamonds are worth far more than the gold and yet most people let the diamonds go for free or next to nothing. If you sold off your gold and you have the loose diamonds from your item, bring them to us and we will evaluate them for you for free. We will buy them outright or we can sell them for you on consignment. While on consignment you will know exactly how much you will receive at the time of sale. There will be no hidden fees or added charges. Most importantly, the stone will remain your property until the time of sale and your item is fully insured while in our possession.

We Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum Jewelry

Not all jewelry is scrap and purchased for melt value. We evaluate each piece and pay you more if it is vintage, estate quality, or has collector value. This free service can mean significantly more money for you above “melt” value.

We Buy Coins

Silver and Gold Coins from the USA and Canadian silver coins all have great value. We evaluate all U.S. coins 1964 and before as well as Canadian coins 1967 and before. We look at each coin to seek out those with higher numismatic values which allows us to pay much more. If you have historic USA and Canadian gold coinage we would establish a value for each of your coins. We take pride in offering free consultations to maximize our payouts. A great majority of people have inherited coins and have little or no understanding of their value. If you have been told that all the coins are the same, pack up and move on. The only thing that makes them the same is, “they are coins”. Condition, rarity, and mintage are just the beginning of our evaluation. It’s easy, just call and make your private appointment where every coin will be examined in front of you. We were featured on Channel 4 Defenders Report here in Detroit for exposing how little is paid by other companies. Our customers tell us how much they love our straightforward way of doing business and that we pay so much more than their next highest offer. Don’t be tapped by Tappers or Aced by Ace Coins- we pay more and tell you why.

We Buy Estate Jewelry

Receive a free verbal consultation on your estate jewelry. Its vintage or collector value often allows us to pay you more than its melt value. A few moments of your time spent with us can mean more money for you.

We Buy Dental Gold

Don’t throw those old gold tooth crowns, inlays, partials or porcelain to white gold crowns away- They have value! Certainly don’t let the dentist keep them either. Turn them into cash.

Jewelry Repair

We offer full service repair on all jewelry items. Some jewelry repairs are obviously simple, but many times jewelry stores say it can’t be repaired and then pressure you into buying something new for replacement. We work to preserve your sentimental pieces. Every piece of jewelry has its own sentiment. We are not just interested in a quick replacement sale, but lifetime customer relationships with you and your friends.

Jewelry Appraisals

Appointments are required because this service takes time. A complete cleaning, inspection, and value calculation is done on every piece to determine current market values. We photograph each item and describe the attributes of every item. We appraise for insurance companies, estate, or for liquidation. A Diamond Vault of Troy exclusive is we give free lifetime appraisal updates at current market value for any item appraised by us. Bringing all previous paperwork and certifications helps expedite this service. All items purchased from us come with a free written appraisal.

Free Coin Consultations

If you are thinking of selling your coins, the Diamond Vault of Troy offers FREE verbal consultations on your coins and coin collections. We educate you about the significant difference between “Common Value Coins” vs “Numismatic Fair Market Value” that we pay our customers. This difference and our extensive grading system is why we can pay more money to you. Don’t sell common coins for less than they’re worth. Also, don’t sell high value coins for common prices when your coins could bring collector\investor prices!

We Buy Silver Coins

We purchase all US, Canadian, and world silver coins. Come in for a free verbal consultation because WE PAY MORE!

We Buy Historic Gold Coins

We have over 30 years experience in buying US, Canadian, and world gold numismatic coins in all denominations.

We Sell Coins

We have a unique inventory of silver and gold numismatic coins readily available. We are not a coin shop and do business in a more personal way. For some customers we will search out that one specific coin for which they are looking. It could even be a specific coin, from a specific year, and a certified grade.

Coin Appraisals

If you want an insurance written appraisal for yourself at current market or at insurance replacement value, we have a fee based service by our in house numismatist that is discussed and agreed to before starting your appraisal. The fee structure is negotiable based on lot size.

Estate & Inheritance Collections

We work closely with families, banks, lawyers, to evaluate, appraise, distribute, and when necessary LIQUIDATE coins for estate and probate circumstances. The process of evaluation will be discussed in detail before looking at the collection. DVT will fully understand the desires of the customer before separating the coins into separate lots.

Assist Divorce Attorney in Settlements

Our expertise is frequently used to appraise and liquidate community bullion and numismatic coinage in the division of assets during divorce settlements.

Portfolio Consultations

All our coin consultations are done in front of you for integrity purposes. Your coins are inspected, weighed, and graded for value. We also inform you of options to maximize your financial return (i.e.) send certain coins off for grading and certification by PCGS or NGC. If anyone ever tells you that ALL your coins are worth the same value face value after a short look, get up and leave! It is never that simple. Check this link and see how Diamond Vault of Troy and WDIV-TV Channel 4’s Karen Drew exposed coin scams in Michigan.

Portfolio Consultations

All our coin consultations are done in front of you for integrity purposes. Your coins are inspected, weighed, and graded for value. We also inform you of options to maximize your financial return (i.e.) send certain coins off for grading and certification by PCGS or NGC. If anyone ever tells you that ALL your coins are worth the same value face value after a short look, get up and leave! It is never that simple. Check this link and see how Diamond Vault of Troy and WDIV-TV Channel 4’s Karen Drew exposed coin scams in Michigan.

Private Travel Appt. Available

Many customers have their collections secured in a bank or home and have no desire to take any risk in transporting them for evaluation. For those customers, we will have our numismatist that has over 30 years experience in appraising and purchasing coins travel to you. We will outline the process and the fees for this service in advance of the appointment. Every collection is different. Some will require more time and research and others will require less. For these reasons every appraisal fee is based on the task at hand. In many cases the fee + travel\time charge is partially or totally waived because Diamond Vault of Troy purchased the collection.