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It’s more than just our large inventory that makes us the go-to jewelers in Bloomfield. We also provide a variety of jewelry services. Whatever it is you need, we’re the jewelry store for you.

Jewelry Purchases

First and foremost, we are a jewelry shop. That means you can count on our wide range of inventory and professional assistance whenever you’re looking to make a new purchase.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

More specifically, we specialize in those all-important rings that symbolize the biggest moment in a person’s romantic life. Let us guide you toward the rings that will really represent your relationship and will reaffirm your love year after year.

Jewelry Appraisals

You might hope an old heirloom is incredibly valuable, or perhaps you suspect a gift isn’t as authentic as claimed. We’re professional jewelry sleuths, and we’ll get to the bottom of any and all mysteries.

Custom Jewelry

As amazing as our selection is, sometimes you might want exactly the piece you’ve dreamed of. We can make your dreams come true by crafting the custom piece you’re looking for.

jewelry repairs near me

Jewelry Repair

We’re a family company, so we’ll stick to the PG version of an age-old adage: stuff happens. Bracelets get stepped on and necklaces get caught in car doors. Prized pieces of jewelry are often damaged. Luckily, you’ve got reliable jewelers to call on for all your essential repairs.

Ring Resizing

Is that ring that’s been in the family for generations just a little tight on your fiance's hand? Let us fix that for you. Ring resizing is among our areas of expertise.

Pearl Restringing

Pearls aren’t marbles; they belong on your jewelry, not lying loose in a drawer. If you’ve got pearls that need to be restrung, we can solve that problem for you in a jiffy.

Gold and Diamond Purchases

The halls of palaces are covered in gold, and diamonds are forever. You'll find among our inventory plenty of pieces containing these precious materials, and you'll be thrilled with the sense of luxury they provide.


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