When you want or need to have repairs, cleaning, or maintenance made to a precious piece of jewelry, or have it re-set and custom redesigned into something new and exciting, you will want to go to a reputable local jeweler who offers on-site jewelry repair services that are conducted in a timely, quality fashion. Diamond Vault of Troy, in Troy MI is available to help you and your jewelry repair service needs.

At Diamond Vault of Troy, you have the skills of excellent craftsmen who come up with all the necessary solutions to return your favorite jewelry to a like new condition and make it ready to wear, enjoy, and exhibit again. Regular servicing will extend the jewelry's life and prevent the loss of diamonds or other gemstones from loose prongs, settings, or clasps.

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Our team can also design exactly what you have in mind after you visualize your dream piece either by buying the original item from us or perhaps using inherited unique jewels that have always had a special place in your memories as you think of their being worn by your beloved family member. Now it can be your turn to display those gorgeous jewels when you go to special celebrations and parties where your family and friends gather.

At the Diamond Vault of Troy, in Troy MI, we would be happy to put our on-site jewelry repair services to the test in order to repair an existing piece of jewelry or present you with another valuable piece using one of your own treasured and favorite items. Our highly trained master craftsmen will restore or create your masterpiece in a meticulous way with a touch of “tender loving care” and appreciation for being able to work on such prized jewelry with its particular and unusually beautiful and stunning characteristics. If you have any inquiries on jewelry repair, don’t hesitate to turn to us. Our on-site jewelry repair services are here to help your jewelry regain its former glory.

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