Have a gold piece you want to sell? We are a gold jewelry store that buys and sells gold and gold items. We care about our customers and their satisfaction with the services we deliver.

If you are looking for a jeweler in Troy, Michigan, who you can sell your gold to, Diamond Vault of Troy is your number one solution. Some people may discourage you by telling you that your gold is not worth much, and you end up selling it for much less than it’s worth.

Diamond Vault of Troy is a gold jewelry store that is always honest with clients about the actual value of their gold before they decide to sell it.

Types Of Gold You Can Bring To Us

At Diamond Vault of Troy, we always want you to feel welcome, and for that reason, we do not reject any gold items that you bring to us. You can bring any gold items to us to buy or sell for you. We take rings, chains, bracelets, and watches.

We can decide to buy the gold item from you straight away, or we can do it on consignment. You can also keep your gold piece with you until we get someone to sell it to or until you are entirely sure you want to sell it.

Most people wonder whether the consignment is a good idea and if there will be an exchange of their gold with others.

At Diamond Vault of Troy, we value our customers and our excellent relationship. Leaving us with your gold or gold pieces means that they are in the best hands.

Best Prices

After you bring your gold to us and evaluate it, we always make sure to give you its value. We also give you the amount of money that is equal to the worth of your gold. There is still room for negotiation because sometimes clients come with a price they want for the gold.

Sometimes clients may not want to sell their gold but repurpose it. Being the best gold jewelry store, Diamond Vault of Troy can make you a free custom design for using wax.

We create custom designs using our 3D printers, and once you have chosen and approved the design that suits you, we make it for you at a very pocket-friendly price. You can also decide to be part of the whole process and watch as we transform your gold into the most beautiful piece.


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