Diamond Vault of Troy is ready to help you find the perfect engagement ring near me. This will be one of the most important investments of your life. We know you want to do it right.

If you need to locate ring stores around me for the perfect engagement ring, let us show you why Diamond Vault of Troy is the perfect place.

Tips to Finding the Perfect Ring

  1. Bands come in traditional yellow or white gold, platinum, or silver. The latter two are often mistaken for the other. Platinum is more expensive than silver and has a greater density. Rose gold has become a popular choice. Take into account some metals scratch easily.

  2. The industry talks about clarity. Low clarity is fine as long as it’s clean to the naked eye. This gives a sense of flawlessness without spending for flawlessness.

  3. Trying a ring on is important. A large caret may seem ideal but actually seeing it on the finger can alter plans. Common sizes are more expensive. It’s a good idea to move away from those weights and save money.

  4. The wedding band is often left out of the engagement ring equation. That band is one-half of the message you want to send and should be considered alongside the engagement ring.

  5. Get a stone certified. Use an accredited laboratory that won’t inflate grades. The certificate will record imperfections. Imperfections are not bad. They distinguish the ring, making them identifiable and personal.

  6. Color can save money. Round diamonds typically are a J or I color. With yellow, you can use a K. Colors will have a noticeable impact on pricing.

  7. Getting the right shape is critical. Pear, round, marquise, all cuts that not only personalize a ring, but affect the budget.

  8. Correct sizing is a must. Engagement pieces ought to be snug and comfortable. It’s okay to use personal rings to gauge sizing, but it’s a good idea to let the jeweler do a professional sizing for surety.

With these tips in mind, looking for ring stores around me should take you right to Diamond Vault of Troy.



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