Shopping online has become the easiest and most popular way to find services and products. That doesn’t mean we’ve given up on the personal experience or stopped looking for quality customer service.

Diamond Vault of Troy takes you beyond the typical online shopping venture. We can promise a service which puts your needs first. From guiding you to the right answers to redefining your dream with unique engraving and cutting, we’ll make the process feel one-to-one.

Jewelry Stores Online Shopping

Whether you come into the store or go to the website, Diamond Vault of Troy has the complete experience. Restoring a prized piece to refreshed condition or helping you find the perfect piece of groom jewelry, expect outstanding and personalized attention. Look forward to alluring pricing as a result of low overhead, free custom designing on engagement rings, and GemPrint on all center stones at no cost. We have a solid five decades with satisfied customers in the market for jewelry services. Your online shopping experience with us will be everything you need and want in a jeweler.

Our Services Will Never Change

Whether in store or at a screen, expect what The Knot calls our “personalized service extraordinaire.” Looking for an appraisal? We’re ready to scrutinize the authenticity of documents and to use the latest technology to examine every facet of the jewelry.

Do you want to create a piece that sends a message? Let us take your heartfelt intent and engrave your jewelry. We can put a personal note or image on your piece, refining down to specific fonts. And it will be a smooth operation so that the markings won’t be felt against the skin.

Diamond Vault of Troy for Your Jewelry Stores Online Shopping

We work with Zillion to protect your investment against loss, theft, disappearance, and damage. We guarantee satisfaction with zero dollar replacement and repair on all our sales. We offer exceptional rates to customers. We partner with designers like Charles Garnier and KC Designs.

Diamond Vault of Troy is going to make your jewelry store online shopping experience personal.
Timothy Mayer